Now comes the second part of the procedural materials that I’m using for the upcoming multidamage system.
Since I am a one man army I don’t have many time to model things from scratch so I had no choice than to to choose the procedural path.

One of the rooms of the demo level feature a kind of folgoration damage (thus the name of the room) and the idea was to model some Tesla coils striking bolts randomly and causing damage when hitting the player.

The problem was, then, how to create a procedural, lightweight and not resource intensive, pretty bolts…

Searching, as usual, for tutorials on the web I did find one of the most valuable videos on YouTube that explains in great detail how to create a procedural material that resembles perfectly a lighting or a bolt (avoiding accurately those Z-tree thing that make the effect heavier whilst being believable).

The results are really gorgeous!

Here a screenshot of the upcoming demo level and the link to the video for those brave men (and girls) wanting to try themselves.


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