Hell is freezing

Hi, a brand new post showing off the new freezing damage level for the upcoming MultiDamage system (all of these levels are as similar as possible to a real game environment)!

This level is full of hidden secrets. Obviously the demo level features a damage caused by harsh cold environments (and it works in first and third person as usual).

The player spawns in a tiny iced out plateau where the temperature is well below zero and immediately the camera starts to freeze and the health goes down.

Scattered around there are fires that, by proximity, restore gradually the health together with de-icing the camera.

Apart from the scalar parameter that freezes/unfreezes the camera lens when de-icing occurs the ice melts and then droplets appear, falling off camera (just as in real life).

The level is full of not so visible implementation too. The terrain is fully tessellated (based on camera distance for optimum performances) and the material features procedural height based puddles too (this upgrade will be applied in future levels too).

The actors receive procedural tessellated snow accumulation.

The trees also material uses a sway function to simulate wind movement (for those unlucky guys like me that can’t afford speedtree license) and there is the same protective suit used in folgoration level.

But let pictures tal, here’s the usual bunch of screenshots!

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