About Us

Not much to say.

We’re a one man army (so it may be better to say “Who am I”) who has an insane passion for programming and videogaming since he was a child.

And I must admit that it was a long, long time ago since I am 54…

I have bought my first computer in the early ’80, when I was a young guy and when they were not diffused at all among my generation (a venerable Vic 20 that taught me BASIC and that probably lies in some anfract of my house) and since then I have not missed many of its heirs.

After an academic formation as a lawyer (job that I did for about 15 years) I insanely decided that my passion for IT was more strong so I went that path.

Now, after falling in love with Unreal engine one year and a half ago, I’m converting my passion in a full time job (at least I hope so).

I’m the living proof that the age stamped on your identity card is a mere number since mentally I’m probably in my first twenties.